Column: Dining options are improving but could still offer more

In the last decade, interest in veganism and gluten-free diets has significantly increased. Additionally, many people have food allergies, including lactose intolerance and celiac disease, a hypersensitivity to gluten. While USC has taken strides to improve its options on campus, there are still a few things they could do to make dietary restrictions easier for students. It is important that I point out the things USC is doing right to improve the dining halls. Not only do we have a dietitian

Column: Looking at the top three Democratic candidates

As the 2020 election draws near, voting can get overwhelming, as candidates scramble to win over voters. This election could lead to Trump’s second term or a Democratic candidate's win. Given that there are many Democratic candidates, I will be focusing on the current top three: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Biden, best known as Obama’s vice president, is considered a relatable and well-liked moderate Democrat. His platform centers on the working class, ensuring that they, an

Opinion: Promote internships for humanities students

Internships are an integral part of practically every major. They allow for you to get hands-on experience in a real-world environment, giving you the essential tools to prepare to be a part of the workforce before you fully get there. The courses we take in college are important in teaching you the information that will make you a true professional and great at your job, but they do not give you the experience of working at an internship and being in real situations where you most likely will

Opinion: Streaming service shows have better LGBTQ+ representation

Growing up, the only type of relationships I saw on television were that of stereotypically “perfect” heterosexual couples. Not only this, but the characters would almost always fit perfectly into the mold of femininity or masculinity that society has placed on us for years. As I got older, I genuinely started to wonder why I wasn’t seeing more LGBTQ+ characters like me or my friends. Although, as Netflix became increasingly popular, I noticed that things were beginning to change. Cable televis

Opinion: Cancel culture is toxic

Every month there is a new celebrity who has been “cancelled.” Often it will be because of a minor incident that happened many years ago, and people will bring it up to prevent the celebrity from furthering in their career. Essentially, the intent is to destroy their future and their image. Cancel culture has begun to make people look at normal human mistakes as unforgivable crimes, which is not healthy and prevents us as humans to learn and grow and become better people. It also has made us fo

Opinion: How to make friends on campus

For a little while after I first came to USC, I felt very alone. Even though I had a roommate and so many others surrounding me, it still felt like I didn’t have anyone close to talk to. It can be hard to form friendships in your first year of college, especially if you have moved far away from home. Now that I am going into my senior year, I can safely say that it might seem hard, but it is actually quite easy to find people who you can relate to and build strong friendships with. The first pe

Head to Head: Michael Jackson is not guilty of assault

After the release of the documentary "Leaving Neverland," the issue of Michael Jackson’s possible sexual abuse of children has resurfaced. The problem with this topic is that Michael Jackson is no longer alive to defend himself, and he was previously acquitted of all counts of sexual misconduct. Additionally, the men who spoke out against Jackson in "Leaving Neverland" previously said under oath that Jackson had never done anything to them. This means these men are unreliable, and it is only f

Opinion: Children's clothing should not be gendered

I spent much of my childhood with my brother and his best friend, and we did things stereotypically reserved for boys. I enjoyed my share of dolls and princess movies, but I also enjoyed going outside, playing in the dirt and playing video games. I didn't consider gender roles and how I was expected to dress “girly” and only play with dolls. I just wanted to wear what I liked and do what I enjoyed. There should not be any gendered clothing, especially for young children. The concept of reservi

Opinion: Clickbait shows negative effects on all ends

Often when I am scrolling through YouTube trying to find a way to procrastinate on my homework, I stumble across video titles like, “You Won’t Believe How Much THIS Costs!” or “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Online Shopping (SHOCKING!).” And while these titles are tempting to click on, I know, deep down, they aren’t true. YouTube videos will also often have pictures in the thumbnail that have celebrities or other images that aren’t even discussed in the video. Clickbait is an issue for al

Opinion: Students should be required to take a budgeting class

If I am being completely honest, I have spent the majority of my college career not knowing how to handle my money. When I got my first job and the money started coming in, I wasn’t sure if I should save it all or spend it all. Of course, I chose the latter of the two, and you can imagine how well that worked out. A lot of students, especially freshmen, are unaware of how to handle their money correctly. This can lead to unhealthy spending habits and ultimately debt in future years. Because of

Opinion: Having a pet in college can be beneficial for struggling students

The amount of stress from college that many students experience can be hard to handle. Workloads become heavy with readings, papers, projects and more. It also can be hard to find the time to see friends and catch up. There's one thing I’ve noticed that seems to be relieving these worries: a pet. I find that having an animal puts me at ease. Having a dog or cat while in college can help other students too, and with a multitude of issues, whether it's academic stress or struggling to meet new pe

Opinion: Posthumous albums are disrespectful to the deceased artists

When a celebrity passes away, it is immediately known around the world due to the pervasiveness of social media. Twitter is usually full of messages after a celebrity’s passing, commenting on how tragic it was, how they’ll be missed or that their legacy will live on. In the case of musician deaths, they can leave behind a substantial number of unfinished tracks. There’s usually a strong possibility that the music that was left behind by the artist was not good enough in their eyes and they had

Opinion: Teachers' friendships with students can go too far

When I was 17 years old, I did not understand the impact of certain relationships and how they can be deemed inappropriate. I was close friends with one of my teachers to the point of it seeming like we were best friends. I told this teacher things about my life that I did not tell my high school friends, not realizing the inappropriateness of our closeness. The relationship came about because I was a lonely teenager and did not know any better, similar to Samantha Farber, who told The New York

Opinion: Colleges should encourage students to vote

The importance of voting continues to be underestimated, especially by students. The voter turnout is usually low for people in this age group, with only 17 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds casting a ballot in the 2014 elections. There needs to be more awareness at USC of the importance of this civic duty because it determines the future of our country, and student voices need to be heard. Midterm elections have especially low voter turnout from students because they aren't believed to be as impor

Opinion: Students should have more extra credit opportunities

As a college student, I have to constantly juggle multiple things at once: classes, homework, my job, well-being, relationships and more. Since I have so many things weighing on my shoulders, I find that I sometimes don’t have the time to put the most effort into my papers and homework and studying for tests can also be a struggle. This leaves me constantly worried and stressed about my grades, and I sometimes fear the worst — failing my classes. It is when I hear my professors say that I have

PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 Orders Are Being Cancelled

According to a recent report from Comicbook, a custom-made PS2-themed PlayStation 5 that was recently made public to buyers is now being completely cancelled due to serious threats. This PS5 was not sold from an official website, but instead was being sold by SUP3R5, which could possibly be part of the reason why they had to shut down every order, even though there is no official confirmation on who was making the threats. The console was only up for sale for a short period of time, and was qui

New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Has Been Revealed

Recently Christian Dailey, who is an executive producer for Dragon Age 4, gave us a sneak peek at some new concept art for the game. The concept art for Dragon Age 4 doesn’t give us a lot of information but shows someone decked out in armor with a bow and arrow and on rocky terrain. Those who are big fans of Dragon Age might be able to get more information out of this photograph, but it seems that this concept art, along with a teaser shown at the 2020 Game Awards last year, is as much as we ar

Fall Guys Announces Doom-Themed Costumes

DevolverDigital recently released a preview of some new Doom-inspired costumes for Fall Guys, so let’s take a look at the Doom/Fall Guys crossover! The preview, shown below, gives an idea of what the costumes will look like and revealed that they would be released to players on January 12th. While the Doom Slayer costume was already previously hinted at in a tweet from early December last year, it is now officially confirmed, along with the Tyrant and the Cacodemon getting their own costumes a

New Stuff Pack Coming Soon to The Sims 4

The Sims Twitter recently announced a new stuff pack for The Sims 4 that will be fully revealed on January 12th. The pack itself seems to hint at including ghosts and other paranormal stuff, according to a tweet that The Sims Twitter posted, seen below. The preview gives us a quick hint at what could be included in the new stuff pack for The Sims 4 and will apparently be fully announced on January 12th. It’s very clear there will be ghosts involved and possibly might include more than just stu
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